Our mission is to help you better monetize advertising on your website.

With Edge Query, publishers take control of their digital ad revenue. Whatever your audience, join the team.
adserver deep

An exclusive format

Edge Query is above all a unique advertising format, allowing effective branding on digital: the Smart Cover.

Cross-device by design

Your customers' campaigns are available on your entire inventory!
Creating a campaign on Edge Query automatically makes it cross-device and optimized for all of a person's devices, from their computer to their smartphone.
Adserver deep cross-device - format branding

To be seen to be effective

For us, advertising effectiveness depends on exposure time, it is the only way to capitalize its budget for the advertiser.


The AdServer that saves your time
It should never take more than 2 minutes for a campaign to go live.
Deep is real real-time campaign control and amazing ease of use.

Focused on advertiser needs

When designing Deep, we wanted to focus on the needs of advertisers rather than the aspect of technical recommendations.

Really available everywhere

Even in your newsletters and your email signatures!

Thought for the publisher

Our ambition is to overturn the classic income pyramid, to develop your direct sales and highly remunerative networks.

Want to know more ? We give you a complete and tailor-made presentation of the solution.

News & co

Here you will find the latest digital branding advertising news, but also developments in our ecosystem and reflections on the advertising market in general.