Deep : the easy European adServer to use, cross-device and complete.

Edge Query Deep is probably the most efficient adServer on the market.
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Getting a campaign online should never take more than 2 minutes, nor should it require special training.

Deep is an intuitive interface where the user is guided step by step to create a campaign with ease.

Stop wasting time programming, use it to sell!

All your ads in one place

Deep is your unique advertising solution that allows you to manage your classic display locations (banners or rectangle), the SmartCover branding format, and even advertising in your newsletters and email signature.

But always in a simple and smart way.

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Deep allows integrated and optimized streaming for all devices.

You can't miss out on so much of your traffic and inventory. With us the cross-device is in our DNA, with an optimized experience for Internet users and advertisers.

We deliver the best visual to each device.

Adserver deep cross-device - format branding

Real-time statistics

An adServer can be efficient and operate in real time.

Whether it’s uploading or monitoring your campaigns, everything always happens in real time with Deep. You will no longer be in the unknown when broadcasting your campaigns, you will be able to react quickly!
stats en temps réel avec l'adserver deep
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Exposure time

Impact of campaigns on customers

All our impressions are visible impressions *, Deep constantly evaluates the exposure time of an advertisement among Internet users.

* except for newsletters where this measurement is impossible

A healthy relationship with your advertisers

For Edge Query, switching to CPV (cost per view) is the key to building a relationship of trust with your advertisers. It only pays for what was actually seen (at 100% for at least 1 second), its click-through rate increases as does the efficiency of your media.

Want to use Deep? We give you a complete and tailor-made presentation of the solution.