A revolution for the skin (wallpaper) format!

What if we combined the site skin with the SmartCover to make it totally cross-device and much more effective?

Make the skin cross-device

Finally address 100% of the inventory.

Skin + SmartCover is the easiest way to address 100% of an ad inventory. The main problem with a skin is that it is limited to desktop only. But with mobile exposure, the available inventory usually doesn't exceed 30% of all Internet users. With Skin, you reach them all!

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Posting at the right time

The power of skin. lies in its ability to be displayed as a skin only when all conditions are met: device in desktop mode (non-touch) and window width greater than 1100 pixels. 


All SmartCover formats are immediately available with Skin. So you can use the same video, photo gallery or HTML5 to create your skin instantly. It's so fast and easy, you have no excuse for RichMedia!

1 script x 1 format

A unique script

With a single script you will be able to broadcast hundreds of sites, without having to use a template adapted to each of them. It is Edge Query that knows the configuration of each site, allowing a perfectly integrated display.

Only one format to provide

Only one format and set of technical specifications is needed to get the campaign out absolutely everywhere. No need to multiply creations and visuals. We have prepared templates for you to create a Skin format in a few minutes. (you can download them below).

Some examples

A must try in the different modes: computer, tablet and smartphone.