format branding smart cover

The branding format for everyone!

Your customers will finally be able to develop their digital brand image.
format branding smart cover
The Smart Cover is one of the best formats to promote the brand of your advertisers. It is the branding format par excellence, with it your communication will be:


Your campaign will not go unnoticed.

Exclusive location and away from usual media devices.

High and wide position that allows brands to be well valued.

format branding
adserver deep


Optimization of exposure time

“Semi-sticky” mechanism keeps the advertisement in the visible area of the screen.

We accompany the vertical scrolling of the Internet user before disappearing.

No button to close, so no false clicks.


The essential point for us

Notoriety advertising must be engaging, it must capture the attention of the visitor without creating rejection which would be disastrous in terms of branding.


The AdTrust and Coallition for Better Ads standards are in our DNA.


An intelligent scroll algorithm so as not to annoy the user


Do not distort the publisher's site or its brand.

Unleash your creativity

With the help of the many formats available, you will always find the one suitable for your client's communication.

Cross-device by design

Your campaign is available everywhere!

Creating a Smart Cover campaign automatically makes it cross-device and optimized for all of a person's devices, from their computer to their smartphone.

Adserver deep cross-device - format branding

Only what you see matters

Visible printing is our main KPI

With us, an impression is always visible at least 100% for 1 second by the visitor.

We calculate in real time the exposure of each advertisement per visitor and per campaign.

format branding

A very efficient format

One of the most effective advertising formats for publishers.

0 %
Average CTR on desktop
(IAB format 0.15%)
+ 0 s
average exposure time per user
0 %
Visibility rate
(IAB formats : 65%)
CPM national campaign
(Billboard : 5€)

It's clear

At the end of the campaign, you will be able to tell your client:

In total, your ad was viewed for 95 days 18 hours and 28 minutes. 517,155 people saw it an average of 16 seconds each time. And here is all the detail in an excel!
Louis Martin
Business Developer

Want to use Smart Cover? We give you a complete and tailor-made presentation of the solution.