Edge Query for Agency

A great tool for agencies!

Simple, efficient and autonomous

There is nothing more difficult than making Simple, we understood this and made simplicity our DNA at Edge Query. We lose time so quickly to implement a campaign, yet time is running out. With X a campaign is created in less than 5 minutes, its distribution can start in less than 10 minutes (in the case of an accredited account, otherwise a slightly longer moderation process is triggered) and without external intervention, in total autonomy .

An alternative to GAFAM

Edge Query is a French company with a network of European publishers allowing you to distribute advertising without going through the American giants. It is also a brand enhancement solution, where those of GAFAMs are disappointing to say the least. It’s a rational, economical and efficient way to regain your independence.

An ever growing network

Every month new publishers join the network, every month generates new distribution opportunities, new geographic areas, new users. Little by little you will be able to reach everyone through Edge Query X.

Brand Safty since the start

Edge Query X is also a solution for publishers who are facing significant changes in their revenue sources. So at Edge Query we only work with large publishers, generally from the world of the press, our advertisements are displayed only on sites with validated content and high added value. You can of course target the sites that interest you for your campaign, but in any case the whole network is free of fake news, you can trust us.

Real-time monitoring

There is nothing more frustrating than the tunnel effect in which we put most of the ad-servers (advertising dissemination tool), you have started your campaign and you do not know what is going on, is it spreading it correctly? Do internet users interact? Do they take the time to watch it? With Edge Query X you know all this in real time, every second you know how many people watch your advertisement, how long, clicks on it, on which network site, ... Now you know.

Completely free

Access to the Edge Query X platform is completely free, you only pay for the advertising volumes you order. No hidden cost, no minimum to guarantee, just the freedom to use the platform according to your needs.