Edge Query for advertiser

Branding on digital!

Your image, our passion

As you can see, all our energy is focused on the ability to promote your brand image, your values, your advantages and your passion for digital. Find an alternative to traditional media (display, radio, TV, etc.) that is efficient and much more affordable. We have to change everything, reinvent everything because notoriety is acquired at all like performance, the spearhead of internet advertising. So we believe in format, integration, exposure time, interaction level but not immediate ROI, click rate or behavioral data. Respecting the internet user is the only key to branding success.

Visibility above all

If the sale at CPM (Cost per Impression) may seem outdated in digital advertising marketing, it is if we talk about performance, but not at all when we talk about notoriety. You buy a volume of advertising that is guaranteed to be 100% visible. Our main indicators are not clicks and click rate, but the duration of display of your message by Internet user, the overall exposure time (allowing to compare the effectiveness of an Edge Query X advertisement with a campaign television). So you buy visibility of your message.

Creativity in your image

We believe the format should fit the campaign and not the other way around, so whatever format you want to use the price will be the same. You are free to choose the format that best conveys your message. With the Edge Query X formats your field of creativity is endless, so express yourself and capitalize on your brand image!