Advertising Solutions

100% Branding

A showcase for your brand

Our first objective was to find, invent and test the location which within a publisher site would be best suited to enhance the image and values of an advertiser. To get there you have to be seen, essential for the internet user: Edge Query X is displayed at the top of the page, above the site itself so as not to alter it. The location is full width, and as wide as good advertising practices allow (Coalition for Better Ads and Digital AdTrust). It is visible for a long time by intelligently following the user's navigation for a few moments (semi-sticky format). The publisher’s site becomes the most beautiful backdrop to your brand content.

Cross-Device from the start

To be seen it must be by everyone, Edge Query X is therefore fully compatible with all devices and platforms on the market. The format automatically analyzes and adapts its display to the screen size, its orientation or the type of device used. When you create an Edge Query X campaign you are immediately visible everywhere!

Let's be creative!

Behind an exceptional location, you have to open equally attractive formats! Edge Query X currently deploys four of these formats, but new formats are being developed daily and will be activated on the platform.

A little teasing

If you want to know a little more about the future new Edge Query X formats, know that in the tips we will find a very nice native format, an enriched video format or even an "Action" format allowing an advertiser without any graphic skills to create effective advertising.